Cave Canem. Life is short learn something new.


I love our new dog, and when I saw this tee on Etsy I had to have it! For one there is a dog on it and two it is in Latin. Cave Canem this in Latin means “beware of dog” or “beware the dog” . The pronunciation is “ka-way ka-nem” in Classical Latin the V is always pronounced as a W. C is always hard like a K. J is a lot of time pronounced as a U. So Julius Caesar would have been “Iulius Kaisar” So, U-lee-Us Kai-zar .

Now there is some actual history behind this tee, which I bought from a museum shop from Pompeii on Etsy. But the picture and verbiage is actually something that did exist in Rome. And it is fascinating to me, one day I hope to go there, Rome, and Herculaneum.

The Cave Canem. Original mosaic was found in the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii. It hails from 2nd century B.C. And some speculate that it wasn’t about so much as warning off burglars but to protect the grey hounds from being stepped on. The mosaic itself was buried along with all of Pompeii in Mt. Vesuvius. 9ft of ash and rock were removed and revealed the villa containing the mosaic. Mosaics were a popular art form in Ancient Rome. Along with statures and painted murals.

My face is swollen, I have a sinus infection. It is fun, said no one ever. 

Skirt Teuta Matoshi // shirt and earrings Museum Pompeii Etsy // Shoes SHEIN 


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