Shein ruffle maxi dress and Meet Bluey the dog!

Everyone this the newest member of the family! We adopted her about a week and a half ago. So here is my new Shein ruffle maxi dress and meet Bluey the dog!

I took my boys to the humane society with the intent of helping my son learn how to interact with animals other than a cat. And become a bit more social. And the first time we met another dog named avatar. Then the second week, we met Ari, now known as Bluey.

Two men were looking at her already when we got there and when they were done. We got her into the big dog cabana and I just fell in love with this girl. Sometimes, it just happens. My boys took to her too very quickly. And immediately named her Bluey, like the dog from their favorite cartoon.

Although Bluey is a blue heeler. Our dog is a beautiful German shepherd mix. And I would love to know what other breed she is mixed with. One day maybe! She is now a spoiled rotten dog with lots of love and 2 cat buddies. Well, one cat, the other is terrified. I’m sure he will come around.

Say hi to Bluey!

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