Wearing the green.

Wearing the green.
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My St Patrick’s day was quiet. We didn’t do much. Took my boys for ice cream and then went home. That was the extent of our adventure. Although there was a lot of fun things happening around us, still my boys wanted peace and quiet and ice cream. Cold stone ice cream.

This was my outfit that day, not too exciting but at least this year I wore green. And fun fact I could have worn a “kiss me I’m Irish” , because I am! Well, sort of, it is there in the ancestry. My family is tree is full of German, British, Scottish, Cherokee, Irish, Dutch, Norwegian(I need to look again because that one was like 🤔 ) Scandinavian, French. I really kinda want to do a DNA test, to find out if A. I am 100% that bitch. And B. To see how close my family tree matches to the DNA and what percentages. Hey Ancestry sponsor me!

My outfit was just comfortable. I wasn’t feeling so great, my neuropathy and syncope were going hay wire. It was taking all my brain cells to function that day with out shaking into oblivion. I hate this. Anyways, I couldn’t wear cute heels either because my couch broke two toes. One toe on each foot! On separate occasions on the same damn day!

So that is another reason for comfort. Comfy style comfy .

2 thoughts on “Wearing the green.

  1. Since you’re wearing your hair red, green clothes naturally look awesome on you. You instantly transform into a magical creature 💚

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