Mom in Red! Teuta Matoshi

I got this dress finally a couple of weeks ago and when I got the dress, I fatted out of it. Yes. And so when I got the dress I had to “adjust it to fit me” and wow! And ps, I do not think I look like a clown. I am a bit bitter! Anywho, this dress is everything! This is so magical and I love the stars on the dress. Teuta Matoshi dresses are magical and beautiful.

As a mom, I feel if I look ok, then I feel more put together and I can be more productive through the day. Anyone else feel that way? Dressing up doesn’t mean you are not putting s much effort into taking care of your kids. Not the case. My 4 year old here loves to wear his pajamas, and yeah he does dress in his normal clothes. But, sometimes with the autism I have to pick my battles with him and that and the sensory disorder. I get it because I know how it feels. As a kid I could LIVE in pajamas.

I would have worn the heels but sinking is a thing , Florida sand. So no shoes on, yep.


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