What happens if someone doesn’t like how you dress?

I had this whole other post written up. And then it was brought up that someone I love hates how I dress. More specific the Selkie dresses. The princess core vibes. “Why have you been dressing like a clown lately. What’s with all those dresses? I get that you want attention….” And it went on. So what happens when someone doesn’t like how you dress?

I honestly laughed when I heard this because it is right up there with the oh so popular male saying unto woman “who are you getting dressed up for?!” To which the proper response would be “me, you ass!” I said to this person I don’t care what other people say or think about how I dress. I dress in those dresses because I Like them . They make me feel good and beautiful to myself! My self confidence is shit guys, shit. And hearing someone I love tell me I look like a clown, is so hurtful. And I would never say that to anyone else about what they wear.


He wasn’t liking the attention I got at Disney springs from all the people. Men was the most annoying I guess. I was oblivious, because I was having fun with my kids. I never noticed the attention and I really never do!


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Women get judged on so much when it comes to our bodies. We dress too sexy, we don’t dress sexy enough, we dress too formal, we dress to slouchy, we are “asking for it” by how we dress. I could go on and on. But isn’t it time we just say “I dress for me.” Because I dress for me. I asked if I needed to get rid of all my Selkie dresses? It was a mixed yes and no. Bear in mind this person also basically said I embarrassed said person with my wig wearing. I have trichotillomania and have lost hair. So what to do? WEAR what you want!!!Do it!

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