Cottage core and more.

I have been feeling not so good, this stupid neuropathy shaking garbage and the fatigue, and the other stuff. I felt wearing this cute cottage core like dress from Shein would be a good idea. It is a light fabric and perfect for hot summery days ahead. Spring is in the air and this dress is fit for it!

So, I tried to read today. Which when you have kids can be a chore. It doesn’t always get done. And damnit all my ADHD brain also would not allow for it. My brain was like oh hay you have this going on, and don’t forget to switch the laundry over, and did you see that funny bird tiktok, and don’t forget latin, hey the oldest needs to finish his language arts, and I wanna watch true crime, oh here is a book!

It never ends. Even relaxing in the tub, I can not do. Going to beach and relaxing is not a thing for me. My husband can sit and sleep, I can not sit still. My kids love it, but sometimes I just want to sit, I want to relax but the brain and the muscles are like F that!


My mind goes everywhere and no where. Yay.

I love my Sarah Maas books and I have 2 waiting on me to read and I just can not get myself together to do so.

I am too scattered. Too all over. Spread too thin with kids and their needs and my own crap.

A book becomes too much. Can you believe it?

It is hard to accept. It really is. Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and read the books I can not seem to get to!

Thanks for stopping by.



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