Health battles and weight

I know what you are thinking, Ugh more weight talk again.And I would have to say yes. More weight talk. Health battles and weight. It is important and it may help someone who struggles like I do! I struggle with my weight. As I have mentioned many times before on this blog. This time is no different. Today’s appointment with my Pulmonologist offered me some more insight to my issues.

The pulmonologist reminded me that I am on medications that basically inhibit my ability to really loose weight that I gained with my last pregnancy. I was back to my prepregnancy body basically and then got on depo and then took an sertraline which both can cause weight gain in some patients. I am one of those patients. If you are not, count your blessings.

Now I am on different medications, Divaprolex, quentranipine, Effexor, metoprolol and it goes on and on. Now those all cause weight gain, as I was informed. I was told not to be so hard on myself as this will happen. And then another bombshell was added.

Sleep apnea will cause weight gain in many patients. And So that is also working against me. But, wait, sleep apnea?! Was this for real? Do I have that? Honestly, I didn’t know for the longest time that I snore. My husband informs me all the time that I snore loud enough to wake the dead and shake the earth. Yikes.

I know that when I was pregnant I Also snored. I had more mucus in the old nose and I gained weight. I have it still, and no matter how much I work out or how much I never loose it. The weight sticks around and around. This is not so fun for me, or anyone in an image obsessed world. And while we have more body positivity the world still has a long way to go. I am working on feeling better in my skin. It is a work in progress. I am trying to be healthy and get healthy. Now I have to do a chest X-ray and sleep study. If I have sleep apnea that will be manageable I hope. I will also accept my more “chunky” state. Maybe being a bit fluffy is what I need to go through all of this. Maybe.

Now, I hope that after reading this you feel better about yourself. I hope that it makes you realize that sometimes things do not go in our favor.



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