Is it real? How to tell the Gucci is legit.

Ok, so we all see those Gucci bags and alot of us covet them. But, when a bag is priced so low is it too good to be true. Often times yeah, sometimes it is because there are other things lowering that price.So, when looking at sites like The Real Real and renting from Vivrelle(my fave place) you expect the bags to be 100% legit. But, still there is that questioning of is it real. Is the Gucci bag legit?

Don’t worry, I have always received ¬†authentic bags from either. Still there are ways to know, if you are shopping say on Ebay or whatever else. To know if a bag is real. The real deal.

I received this pristine Gucci from The Real Real, I scored it with some credits and also it was on sale. WOO! Anyways, I got it in the mail and I opened the box to the whiff of cow butt, aka leather. That pure leather smell hits me in the face. I can not stand the smell and I can smell real leather where ever I am. Covid did not take that from me. Joy. I got a certificate of authenticity and I had the original dust bag from Gucci. The brown bag with gold lettering.

Anyways, the way to tell if the bag is real.

Ok, I will stop blabbering and get right to it. Grab your Gucci and or other expensive purse and sit with me. On the inside of every purse is the brand, it will be on a small square of leather or even on the bottom of the bag. It will say the brand’s name and often it won’t be painted on with just some paint to be rubbed off. Sorry but it won’t.

On the other side of the square will be a serial number, and sometimes the person who inspected the bag before being shipped to a store. On the Gucci bag I got from Vivrelle, the tote has it on the bottom of the inside of the bag pressed into the leather. You will miss it if you do not know what you are looking for. So, now that you are checking it and asking yourself is it real, we can rest assured it probably is. If you see those numbers.

These numbers will also help a person at a store id the bag too and check the authenticity. Which means getting it repaired would be a lot easier and appraised.

I hope this helps you.

What really made me question this, was watching an episode of Hoarders and this poor woman thought she had all these designer bags and they were worth thousands. Only to find out of the 20,000 bags ( I think) only 1 bag was real. The rest knock off and obvious fakes. The serial numbers missing was the dead give away. The logos being off was the other. Although with Gucci you have to watch out because there was that year they wrote it as Guccy as a joke to the counterfeiters.

Anyways, here are some real bags! And you can rent these for only $99 a month with Vivrelle! This gets you one bag from the classic collections or a piece of jewelry. I get all the Gucci bags I adore with this simple plan! use my code


(not sponsored, I love their services)

ps: here are some fabulous bags



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