Swim with H&M

Swim with H&M
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Swim with H&M

Ok, so I normally hate posting swimwear pictures of me. I always get a bit self conscious in them, I get to feeling a bit not so good feeling from them. This is all thanks to that oh so lovely lack of self esteem and self worth. Plus being a bit on the thicker side now, it is hard as Hades to find something that is flattering for a bigger me. Everything wants to be with a skirt, or an empire waist. Which we don’t always need that.

This suit is from H&M, and really quick before  this thought leaves my ADHD brain, I have some more suits coming from SHEIN that are from the Curves collections. But, if you want a sneaky peak here:

I can honestly say that H&M has really never let me down with their swimwear. It is affordable, they have separates based on cup size, and H&M swimwear is super cute. They also have suits for the whole family.

The suit I have on is a size 12, and it fits pretty well, at first I was not so sure about it. Because, as I have said, body image issues. But even with the mum tum I was feeling pretty good about this suit. After I saw myself in the pictures I took!

I also need to say the pool part of the bounce house was not full yet. Kids. Are so much fun.


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