They told me it could not be done. #haircolor

I recently went from brunette, or dark brown in my hair color to wanting red. I have been slowly getting my hair back to red. By lifting and then dying, lifting and dying. My hair, going through it all with stride thanks to good products from IGK and Olaplex. But, it was not enough I thought on my own doing so. The lifting was not giving me the results and after watching a lot of Brad Mundo videos I figured I needed a salon. I needed an expert. But, I always run into trouble with “experts”.

Firstly, they point out my inconsistent hair shape at the ends. I get embarrassed and am unable to say ” I have trichotillomania”. It is hard to admit that this is a mental illness you have. It is a physical one and you often see it. Then there is my hair texture. MY hair is weird. It is curly but also every now and then you get a stray bit of straight. It is dry as heck and frizzy. It takes a butt ton of product to keep it tame. And most of the women and men doing my hair have no idea how to handle my hair.They also never listen when I say cut it dry.

Anyways, I went in to a salon, asked if I can make an appointment. Told them what I wanted done. And was told ” I am not sure we can do that.” The face she made was a mix of pain and “ugh why us?” I felt odd. I said I want to get to the red of my extensions. Which are clip-in hair extensions, in case you wanted to know. She sucked in the air through her teeth and went “It is really hard to go from red.” I said no I don’t want to go away from red, I want the red. She said red is so hard to lift. And I said well I don’t want it lifted all the way, just enough to dye it this ruby color. Again not listening. I DO NOT WANT TO GO BLONDE! I DO NOT WANT PLATINUM! Some orange was not going to hurt.

I made the appointment reluctantly. I left and then realized something. Why do I want to go to a salon, where they don’t want my business for the first place in color. Just because it might have been a challenge. Which if you are looking at my pictures you see that my unprofessional ass was able to do it! In one sitting. No, one wants to feel like they are not wanted at a place of business. Especially if you shop their often for other crap(it’s Ulta guys, a freaking ULTA.)

I went to Walmart, bought some bleach kits, my Splat Vegan hair dye in Midnight Ruby. As well as Chocolate and some other things for me and my kids to play with later.

There I was with my bleach figuring out parts to parts, remembering a chemistry lesson from Periodic videos watching them measure one part to two parts. ( I had no clue what that all meant but I did it right!) I split my hair up into sections, had my manic panic kit for applying color. I remembered Brad Mundo saying when bleaching saturate the hair, and leave the roots for the last part of processing. So, I did. My hair lifted just enough that the brown was all gone, and all that was left was my red and blonde roots. Because that was my natural hair being bleached. What I did worked! I did what they said I could not do!

I colored my hair after blow drying it. I then used an Olaplex conditioning treatment you leave on and then rinse out, as well as my IGK products. My hair is now a dream! I am so in love with it! Now if I can only stop ripping at it and it can stop post covid falling out. I have some massive hair loss thanks to my trich and Covid. It is embarrassing .

Moral of the story? If someone tells you that it can not be done. It can be they just don’t want to try. It can be they don’t want a challenge. Or they think you won’t pay. If that is the case, pick your shit up and leave. Find someone else, or at the very least get your supplies to do it yourself. They don’t need your business anyways*cough…ULTA..cough cough*




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