Cosiddetta Flora

Ok so I love this tee! I bought from the Museum Pompeii. Off Etsy(I will link to it here and at the end of the post) I knew I had to have it as I love the painting. And some history behind it. The tee may be white but the actual painting is on a... Continue Reading →

Wearing the green.

My St Patrick’s day was quiet. We didn’t do much. Took my boys for ice cream and then went home. That was the extent of our adventure. Although there was a lot of fun things happening around us, still my boys wanted peace and quiet and ice cream. Cold stone ice cream. This was my... Continue Reading →

Happy St Patrick’s day!

Through doing my own research on Ancestry, found some Irish roots there. But, we can go ahead and talk some history and facts about St Patrick’s day. I’ll link to products used at the bottom. It is actually a day in observance of Saint Patrick’s death. C.385-461c Saint Patrick was the foremost patron Saint in... Continue Reading →

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