My name’s not Alice

Currently listening to Lady Gaga sing My name’s not Alice. The song is called just Alice, but you know. Anyway, today I dragged my son with me to Joanne’s fabric store for some new fabric for summery dresses and stuff. He also has been learning units of measurement in homeschool. I thought it was a great opportunity to show him real world experience of using it.

I decided to wear my Alice in wonderland sweater(it was hot af) and my homemade midi skirt. It is a sparkle fabric over a silk chiffon lining and a satin lining in white. I used an elastic band to secure the waist. But when I made the skirt I must have lost weight. Or something to that affect. So, now I have to adjust the waist again to make up for the loss. Which is fine, it is a simple fix to do, thankfully.

You can shop my sweater and shoes as well as bag

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