Teuta Matoshi Worth the wait?

Back in November, I think it was,  I took advantage of Teuta Matoshi’s sale. I purchased a tulle skirt and one of the many Instagram worthy and popular dresses. 11 long weeks later, I finally got my purchase. But was it worth it? Teuta Matoshi, worth the wait?

Some might argue that no it is not worth waiting so long for. Especially for a non custom size, which is offered but takes longer than the 6 to 10 weeks. However, for a dress size that is harder to obtain a perfect fit for waiting for a Teuta Matoshi dress would  be a thing that is expected.

I ordered a size 12 skirt and size 12 dress. And I am over all pleased with the quality and style. But, the skirt is a bit small. Either I got fatter, or the size 12 fits like a size 10.  She zips up to almost to the top but she does not want to fasten. Which there are two fasteners. I know with my medications I can swell. I know I retain water on my Devoprolex and Quentranipine.  I know I retain weight with Zoloft. It is nothing new and just something I expect now. Does not mean I am not any less ashamed of my weight gain and haunted by my eating disorder demon, Luci.

Anyways, I would say sizing up may be in your best interest if over a size 8. This is a common problem with a lot of companies. Sizing is not inclusive and not always so straight forward. Or, since waiting anyways for the garment, go ahead and do custom sizing.

Look, if you are going to be purchasing a dress or skirt this expensive then yeah custom is the way to go. I did not do that since I figured I could fit in a 12 with ease. After all, my Selkie dresses are a 12. Next time, custom all the way.

“Hey, Stephanie can’t you make it yourself?” I hear you whisper through the screen. Yes, I probably can. But, I priced fabric, and time, and well, it ended up being less a head ache to buy it than make. Especially since we all know how I feel about shit with boning in it and having to sew that shit in. I am sure you all can feel me roll my eyes at the thought of it. PS, I am making a Mickey Mouse pair of 18th century stays! YES! I sure am! I just need muslin lining.

So, the take away from this is custom sizing and long wait. Is it worth getting? YES. ABSOLUTELY.

Are there more affordable options? Well, there is the little smack isn’t there. Yes, on Etsy, there are some beautiful options from small businesses too. Of which range from a $250 and up range. Many only accept PayPal transactions not using Klarna. Shein…I love Shein, but Teuta Matoshi’s work and Selkie’s dresses are so beautiful and they are both small businesses, truly they are. Growing but still not the league of Gucci, Versace, Dior, etc. Selkie’s dresses range from $199 for the day dresses to 899 for a big gown for a wedding made of silk. She does have it to accept after pay and you can use Klarna. Teuta Matoshi is the same. I say the resale value of the Teuta Matoshi will be a bit on the up side in the far future. The investment piece that someone will love to have. Selkie dresses are amazing, but there are more out there due to the brand going viral. We shall see. But I think my guesses are correct.

I hope this post helps you.

Thanks for reading.


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