Life with adhd, why I speed clean.

Living with adhd and bipolar disorder is rough. I still don’t know when mania sets in, and I hope I never have a black out period ever again. Anyways, with adhd I have high periods where I need to get all the things done. And it is especially important that I do. Cleaning is what I mean.

I get up make my coffee, drink it no then get to my spastic work. Clean here, oh forgot that laundry, clean there, oh dishes, oh this and that. Run run run. And it, I know drives my spouse crazy. But there is a reason for the rush.

Ok, because I will hit the wall and end up with no motivation to do anything else. Take care of the kids and that is it for energy levels. All this done on a Sunday usually. And if pms is involved there is som angry venting about lack of assistance from another adult .I feel like I do everything . But I have to get it all done to be ok before the down hill and splat. This is life with adhd and Bpd.

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