Handmade cottage core style and Selkie Ritz

Handmade cottage core style and Selkie Ritz
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I love the dresses by SELKIE, SO MUCH that I bought another! I have a serious problem. But the great thing about Selkie is you can make many outfits out of one little dress.

I made the pair of stays from some fat quarters, simple biase tape, cotton muslin and plastic boning. I used my machine for sewing this time and wow what a difference it made. So much easier!

I swore, I wouldn’t make another pair, but that changed when I realized it would be easier with a machine. The difficulty was the holes for lacing and boning channels.

I made the stays with my Selkie dresses in mind ! It matches all my dresses by Selkie, which most of my dresses are now Selkie. I have a problem, an obvious obsession this brand. I mean why not? The dresses are a dream. They make me feel so good, dopamine dressing for sure.

Holding this whip my son shows me how he rolls down the hill. Oh to be 8!

I love this outfit so much! You can shop the dress down below, I am wearing a size large as a size 12/14 US dress size.I am 5’6 an needed to alter the hem on the bottom , short problems. So will I make more stays? Yeah I think so!

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