Happy Lupercalia


OK, so here we are going on our 3rd year of a Covid Valentines day. But you know, gotta make due. Right? Anyways, I am taking a step away from the awwww look flowers blah and going into the history of Valentine’s Day. Or, as the Ancient Romans called it, Lupercalia.

So, what is Lupercalia? Let me tell you.

Actually this is a holiday that is celebrated on February 15th not the 14th. But anyways, we will still discuss it.

Lupercalia was a pastoral festival in Ancient Rome. It was observed annually to purify the city and also promote fertility and good health. Lupercalia was called dies Februatus, after the purification instruments called februa, the basis for the month named Februarius.

It was also known as Februatus and gave its name variously, as epithet to Juno Februalis, Februlis, or Februata in her role as patron deity of that month; to a supposed purification deity called Februus; and to February (mensis Februarius), the month during which the festival occurred.

There would be a lot of feasting and sacrificing of goats and dogs by the Lupercai. Cakes would be on offer by the Vestals.There was also a fertility rite performed by the Luperci wearing goat hides and these Luperci would whip women who were trying to conceive. Which that had to hurt. But hey what ever helps right?

This holiday is also when Julius Caesar turned down the golden crown by Mark Antony and also years later Augustus would reinstate the cave where the sacrifices were once held.

It has been speculated that it is the cave that is beneath the palace that once belonged to Augustus(Octavian).

Now in 391, there was a lot of old Roman “pagan” holidays that were banned by the pope, but this one was not banned. It was still celebrated annually by many of Rome’s citizens, Christian or not. And was upheld by Emperor Anastasias. Pope Gelasius however, hated it stating that if the senate was pretty much inclined to celebrate this pagan unholy rite then they should partake in it to it’s extreme by running through the Roman streets butt naked.

Oh a lot of naked people during the holiday, ps.

Lots of Roman bananas and cantaloupes bouncing around every where and to and fro. I can only imagine the hilarity. Sorry.

It should be noted that Lupercalia and Valentines day in literary notions date back to Chaucier times in love notes and poems.

But what does Lupercalia have to do with Valentines day?


Not much really, both in February. Both may have fertility driven stuff. Love, sex, drinking, feasting. But really that is where it all ends.

There is nothing really similar, both are separate holidays. One much older and the other newer, that some scholars believe may have originated in May. But who knows.

I just would not go running through the streets naked whipping people with stuff while being drunk AF. That would get you arrested or shot. So, do not do that. Most have no idea what Lupercalia is.

Dress is handmade by me. Thoughts? Was a long work!

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