Cupid and psyche

Well we’ll well here we are. Another Valentine’s Day. 🤮🤢Sorry, read here to understand why I hate it. Doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Anyways, as promised here is the story of Cupid and his love of Psyche. Honestly it is my fave story of mythology. Well, along with Sekhmet going nuclear and them getting drunk by her father.

So let us Dive in! One thing to mention right now is if this is Roman or Greek mythology. It is interesting because this story has been around since 4th century BCE. Cupid or Cupido in Latin was a god of desire and love. Son of Venus. And Psyche which is a Greek origin.

The story of Cupid and Psyche appears in Greek art as early as the 4th century BC, but the most extended literary source of the tale is the Latin novel Metamorphoses, also known as The Golden Ass, by Apuleius (2nd century AD). It concerns the overcoming of obstacles to the love between Psyche (“Soul” or “Breath of Life”) and Cupid, and their marriage after a lot of trials.

So to start, Venus was a bit of a butt, when it came to her vanity that is. Psyche’s beauty was a threat to that of Venus herself. So she decided to send Cupid to “deal with her” .

Cupid went to Pysche and upon seeing her was enamored. He scratched himself with an arrow meant for a hideous beast. So he took her to his palace. He visits her ever night but always maintains that she can not under any circumstance look at him. Ever. Not because he was ugly or anything, Cupid was a hottie patottie. Soon she becomes pregnant. She never saw him and he would come at night.

He was after all a god.

Her family hadn’t heard of what became of Psyche. Cupid arranged for her sisters to visit her. But, her sisters convince Psyche to get a look at him because why else would he not want her to see him if not him looking like a monster. Plus her family were assholes, and were jealous. But she was curious. She then sneaks a lantern into the bedroom. And while he sleeps after what is you know, she lights it and sees him. Shocked by his beauty, she accidentally spills some oil from the lamp and she falls on his quiver. Which this wakes Cupid. Cupid is all like you messed up and I’m out. So he abandoned her.

Pysche was not done with him, she loved him and so she wanders the world looking for her lost love, Cupid. Eventually she comes up on Venus. She then submits to Venus who then tortures the hell out of Psyche.She hands Psyche over to Worry and Sadness who beat her. Venus rips her dress and bashes her head into the ground berating her and her sham marriage and child .The goddess Venus then sends Psyche on a series of tasks. Each task she has trouble(mostly of her own doing because she is horrible at following directions)and she is always given divine aid.

Psyché et l’amour (1626–29) by Simon Vouet: Psyche lifts a lamp to view the sleeping Cupid

On her final task Venus sends Psyche to the underworld to retrieve some of Proserpina’s beauty. It’s Persephone in Greek. So, this she does, but was told not to open the box and look inside. And Psyche beingPsyche can not help herself, she opened the box. Doing so took some of Persephone’s beauty on to herself. She, fell into a sleep she couldn’t come out of. Cupid finds her and wakes her, by giving her immortality which allows them the ability to wed.

Their love story was a great one and really the divine intervention was of Many god’s. He loved her too, but she was a mortal, a mortal that was on Venus’s bad side . And he couldn’t marry a mortal. In one story it was Zeus that granted immortality. This was in exchange for Cupid having to shoot whoever Zeus was fancying at the time.

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