Channeling Ancient Rome , new jewelry!

I love history, love it! And I am channeling ANcient Rome, new jewelry! I found these beautiful pieces from Etsy! And love it! Etsy has been my go to now for jewelry. And crystals and such. These earrings and rings have some simple Roman designs. 

Jewelry was worn by children, men, and women. Rings were worn by all three and often rings were a sign of social status. Which is pretty common place throughout history, more rings means more wealth. Rings were made of Gold, silver, bronze, iron and jet. They could be elaborate or pretty plain and basic bands. In the Roman Republic, the first rings were made mostly of iron and served as seals. The right to wear  the jus annuli aurei or the jus annulorum, aka gold rings, was at first accorded only to senators and only while serving as ambassadors of the Republic, a symbol of their status. Later in the reign of Augustus(Octavian) civilians were able to start wearing more rings and even gold. During the later years of the Roman Empire, both men and women came to wear heavy gold rings set with rare and costly gems in ever more conspicuous displays of wealth and status. While it had once been rare to wear more than one ring, by the first century AD each finger might be laden with multiple adornments.I will note though that the Jus Annuli was now awarded by the emperors to those deserving. Also wedding rings or fede were a signet rings of two hands . 

Earrings was also worn by many in Ancient times. In Rome they could be made of glass, semi precious to precious stones, gold, or silver. They could be basic studs or even chandelier style like I have on. History is fun. 

Styling these pieces are pretty easy they look great with my other jewelry pieces. They are so simple but chic. I felt that the jewelry looked great with my Venus dress by Selkie.If you have not guessed by now, yes, I am obsessed with the brand Selkie. Anyways, it fits right into my princess core or queen core aesthetic. I am now in the mind frame of dressing how I like to dress and not how others should expect me, a mom, to dress. FRUMPY. Or the bouncy updo, soccer white mom, leggings on Starbucks in hand with the boss mom mentality ready to mlm anyone who makes eye contact. Sorry, I am not that lady. I am not that mom. I am the welp, let’s see what happens, fly by the seat of the pants mom. The I wear fancy dresses and makeup, and crowns kind of mom. Yep,call me crazy. At least I feel good about me. I am not trying to fit in. I realized that I never fit in, anywhere. I was a chameleon my whole life. And this is me. Has always been me. A crown wearing, Roman jewelry wearing, fancy pants, caffeine driven person. And that is just fine. 

It is my dopamine. 

Thanks for reading. 

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