I made this, the blue sparkle dress.

It is finally done. I made this! The blue sparkle dress! It is done, I made an asymmetrical empire waist dress. It is a blue sparkle material that has a lot of stretch and sewing machines hate because the glue they used on the fabric for sparkles will stick to needles. SO hand sewing was the best bet.

When I first designed this dress I made it with a puffy sleeve thing going on. I got rid of those. And the bottom of the dress was ruffled and I felt that the dress needed to be more body con. As I had butchered the bottom due to being sick from covid and not paying attention to how I was cutting the bottom to hem it. I then realized how badly I messed up the dress. Not a good thing.

So, I seem ripped everything and restarted. I must say it was a great change and now I have more fabric. So I can make more stuff. I am excited to make more things! EXCITED!

I Do have to say I hate though how my body looks in this. I feel I need to loose 20 pounds. I feel like I look gross to me. The dress is beautiful but I don’t feel the human wearing it is in it.

And wearing a dress like this makes me realize just how much I hate taking photos of me sitting down. I feel like a lumpy seal in a tight dress.


SO that is why I will stand next to it. I just do not like how I look. A seal in a dress. Yep.



You can get the necklace here.

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