Adhd and the home. Finding ways to make life easier.

Ok, so yeah I am outside in an outfit doing outfit photos. I love sharing my outfits and so it should be no surprise that I share them even when talking about my conditions and mental disorders. One of them being ADHD. Yes, you can be bipolar and have ADHD. You can be Autistic and have ADHD. Anyway, I have been looking for ways to make my life easier in dealing with my ADHD and every day life.

One of the things that makes my anxiety shoot through the roof is dishes. I have 2 kids and a spouse. I have a dishwasher on the fritz and we haven’t fixed it because it is kind of hard to bring someone in to fix it when we all had covid. I get so much anxiety over it. The dishes that is. So, to combat this I have A been buying new dishware I like and also I have been downsizing the amount of dishes. When I had the holiday plates out for Christmas or halloween I noticed it was easier to keep up with things.


I figured out that it is better if I downsize on things and one thing that has been needing an overhaul. I saw some flatware that I knew I needed. It was on the Disney Store website. And while browsing the site looking for things I am redoing my kitchen in. I saw this fork and spoon with a cut out of Mickey Mouse’s head. I had to have it. The spoons were not too big, the forks looked like they were the right size.I hate large forks. And spoons that are huge and supposed to be “soup spoons” but really they weren’t a soup spoon is a roundish spoon not a large version of a normal small spoon.

And before you ask, yes this shit matters. Anyone like me will tell you things like this shit matters to us.

 It is such a cute set and I am debating getting the serving set. Now why did I think downsizing was a good idea? BECAUSE OF WASHING TIME. I hate doing dishes. I hate that we have so much silver ware. We have 2 other sets before the one I just bought. Which the kids actually love and ate their pizza with them. Weirdos. But the set is simple, cute, but also I feel more practical that what we had/have. I think the less I have to worry about the less anxiety I will have over this mundane house work.

Things like doing dishes can make us go nuts. It can really be a hinderance in how we are for the night. So instead of working out or doing some reading we are standing there washing 800 things of silver ware and then the brain ticks and we switch gears to counters and then again to cats needing something to oh crap laundry. The dishes are still sitting there half done. Half washed because there is SO FREAKING MUCH. And that massive amount made your brain go poop and switch off to something else.

So, if having less silver ware makes a difference then so be it.  I also want some plates , I have a problem. So cute.



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