Modern princess and a brief makeup lesson.

My Selkie collection is growing. And this beautiful dress is my newest addition. And I got this necklace around the same time and the headband. So it was a bit Tudor in style to me, in my head.

I wasn’t wearing makeup and there is actually a good reason for it. I was having a good skin day.Now Back in laterTudor times makeup and wearing it wasn’t as frowned upon as it had been before Henry VIII . Women of higher society, nobility,and royalty. Women of lesser means and common birth would have not have had the access to some of the beauty products. They did use potions of perfume and lotions. Cream makeups were often used to hide scarring from smallpox.Tudor women were supposed to have pale skin, rosey cheeks and lips. They achieved the white skin with white lead and vinegar, it was called ceruse. Vermillion was used to get reddish cheeks and rose lips.

I am so pale, I really don’t want to go paler. So I went no makeup.I honestly loved how my fresh face looked this day, after being sick so long. And still am sick. This Covid recovery is hard. I am over it! Plus the makeup of that time was not good for you. Lead. Everything basically was carcinogenic or cause lead poisoning. The fancy dress of the upper class was beautiful, the deadly cosmetics not so much.

Hoped you liked the mini history lesson.


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