Let’s talk Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette has been dead for over 220 years but she still remains a huge influence on fashion and still talked about to this day.

So, who is Marie Antoinette you ask? Well, let me tell you! And if you are interested in what I am wearing I will link To it at the bottom of the post.

Marie Antoinette by Musee Antoine Lecuyer 1775

Marie Antoinette was born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna in Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria November 2, 1755. Her mother was Empress Maria Theresa And her father was Holy Roman emperor Francis I. She was the youngest of their children and was considered to have a difficult but loving relationship with her mother.

She was taught how to play harp, harpsicord and flute. She enjoyed dancing and singing as well as playing with dolls. At age thirteen when it was announced she would be marrying the French prince Louis XVI MAthieu-Jaques de-Vermond was dispatched to teach the young Marie. But,he found she was hard to teach academics. Like handwriting, which I can relate to so much. She was very intelligent and this is believed to be a reason as to why she didn’t want to pay attention.

Then in 1770 she was married by proxy to Louis XVI. Her brother the Archduke Ferdinand standing in for her soon to be spouse the Dauphin of France. This happened in the Augustinian church in Vienna. May 14 she met her husband at the edge of a forest called Compienge.  Romantic right? Not really.

Oh by the way, remember how we talked about Mozart last post? Well she met Mozart. When she was younger.

When she got to France she inherited and took the French version of her name. She and Louis had a ceremonial wedding on May 16,1770 at the Palace of Versailles . And then the ceremonial bedding of the couple, which plagued the couple for a long time of questions in their consummating the marriage. We today may not think such a big deal about it but back then it was necessary for the court. Louis needed Antoinette to produce an heir. The view of the new Dauphine was mixed, one hand she was beautiful and personable. The common folk seemed to like her at first. People just had some really petty reasons for hating her too. People like Madame Du Berry, who was Louis XV mistress. She had a lot of political power being a mistress of the king. Marie could not stand her, but her mother sent a letter telling her to say something and patch things up. She did on New Years, her statement? “There’s a lot of people in Versailles today.” this was enough to appease the mistress until Louis XV death in 1774. Louis XVI had her exiled from court which appeased Marie and his own aunts.

Now when Louis came to the throne, Marie really did not have much political power. She didn’t have much say in how things were run. She did get however a new chateau on the grounds of Versailles which was originally built for Madame de Pompadour . She redecorated it to her tastes which while lavish I doubt it was as extravegant as some accused her of. What was that? Diamond covered walls and gold everywhere.

She seems to get a lot of flack for diamonds throughout her queenship, see this video here:

Marie Antoinette spent heavily on crap during a time where France was in a Financial crisis. She spent a lot of money on fashion, festivities, gambling, parties. She was constantly purchasing things that were banned in France fabric wise, like English wool and muslin fabrics. People of the country started to blame her spending habits as to why Louis could not pay his debts or debts of the crown.

Her own mother Marie Theresa even said she should cool it on the spending during these trying times.

Then the Holy Roman emperor Joseph II came in desguise to visit and asked why there were no babies. He basically called her and Louis idiots about it. Lack of interest and him being lazy. There was also a bit where 22 year old Louis said he had not a clue as what to do, yeah. So he is telling her brother all of this. He would like try and not understand what to do when he got past insertion of his thing. (sorry but history is gross)


Then after her Holy Roman Emperor brother intervened and talked to Louis, I guess gave him the birds and bees talk the marriage was consummated and she got pregnant. From then they would go on to have 4 Children together, although the paternity of those children would constantly be contested by others in court.

She also at this time started to stray away from some of the bigger gowns of court and went for lighter clothes. Which was I guess was  worthy of court persons to grasp at their pearls!

 One of which was the notorious chemise gown

This gown was a bit of drama. It was a soft and comfortable gown. Some would say it was as if she was wearing her underwear, but she still had a chemise and stays on under the dress. Was it a slap in the face to commoners? A type of around the home gown? Loungewear Marie Antoinette style?

The financial situation got worse and Marie got some more power within the court. The public was becoming increasingly aggressive and upset. You have many wars, aristocratic families not paying their fair share, and the royals over spending.

And the downfall continues from there to the impending revolution , her one son dying of tuberculosis, the revolution and then her family trying to flee being captured. The king’s execution and then hers. She was beheaded by guillotine October 16, 1793. She sat in silence on her way up to the execution. A priest trying to get her to give her last confessions. But she didn’t as he made it clear he supported the revolution. She rode for an hour, her hair was all cut off, the ropes on her hands bound tightly to her back. She was sullen, a far cry from the extravagant beauty she was. Her garment a simple white gown.The cart a simple one with her completely out in the open. I can only imagine what it must have felt like. Her last words were “pardon me sir, I do not do it on purpose” she had accidentally stepped on the executioner’s foot. Then at 12:15 pm Marie Antoinette was put to death, she was only 37 years old.

And we still talk about her, just like we still talk about Ann Boleyn and Julius Caesar. Not just because of how they lived but Because of how they died. Yes, for Antoinette there is the fashion inspiration of it, however, the conversation always goes back to that day on October 16, 1793 when she met her end.

That, my friends is the short version of Marie Antoinette. There have been several movies about her my fave is the 1930 version. Who would you like me to talk about next? Below is outfit details.

So this outfit was part of a collection that was inspired by the late Queen. This is from Selkie(shocker) and it is just a stunner. A cotton dress, made in a more modern Robe a La Francaise or Anglaise. I chose some slides by Birdies that are very luxe. Super comfy and just beautiful. The bag by Gucci was rented from Vivrelle. There is a cheap mock version of this dress on Shein, but it is such an obvious knock off. They didn’t even try to hide it. The only thing is you can tell it is missing layers. It looks cheap. This dress is well made, this dress by Selkie was made by a woman owned business that prides itself of inclusion. It was inevitable that they would make one. I saw the same comments as always, affordable options. I used Klarna to buy mine. It breaks up the payment over 4 payments every 2 weeks. No apr as it is basically a layaway type thing. You still get the product shipped but it makes it a bit easier. Not sponsored by them at all,by the way. I am a loyal customer.


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