Accidentally made Aurora or Pincess peach dress.

OK, so I have a bit of a blunder. I made a Princess Peach/ Aurora(sleeping beauty) dress. IT was not in anyway my intention to do so. I did not want a dress like that. but here we are and here it is and I did. Especially looking through images of the dress on.


I did not think about this clearly when I picked out the brocade and the cotton. I didn’t think either of these two characters. I was thinking, it would be fun to make and a fun project. A project to keep my covid butt busy. The creation did. I need to get better lacing for the back however so I can lace it better. I was inspired by Marie Antoinette and other 18th century fashions and a little Tudor as well. But damnit, the pink makes me look more like a cosplay than a other kind of thing. That being wearable art.

Fabric is my medium. And I am learning more and more. I had to upgrade my dress form too after making this dress. Because I am not sure I will ever be a 00 ever again. Which is fine, that was not healthy for me, I was anorexic. I still struggle with that but I have accepted my squishy fate. I just want to be healthy not sickly skinny anymore. I don’t want to be the Heroin chic of the 90’s. OK back on topic.

I sewed this all by hand. I normally would involve my machine but I was too sick to use it. So, I didn’t. I just used the good old fashioned hand stitch. Which kept me sane while dying in bed from COVID.

The dress is beautiful for sure and I love it. But man is it HEAVY!

I did take the corset top off at some point and love the fact the skirt works as a regular skirt! IT has a pocket too friends!

So what do you think? Do you like it. I know a lot of improvements can be made. And I know next time I will do better. Thanks for reading.

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