Comfy style, another sick day look.

Day 16, friends. I am on day 16. I am fighting the good fight still, Covid is nasty and the fight seems to be long. Some times you have an up moment and you feel “ok” but then it comes crashing down. Then you want and need to lay down. Sleep it off. Last night my arms did the achy numb thing. My body ached, my voice still goes in and out. There is still a cough and I get winded very very easily. I get tired just by walking through the house and I can not hear, tastemxnlm mcccu, or smell much.

As I said before I am glad I got my vaccine and booster. Because it has kept me out of a hospital. Thank goodness.

I have been in the super duper loungewear looks while in recovery and such. I wish I could be wearing my dresses but I am not able to right now. I really really want to! And I have 3 new dresses to wear!!!! One I bought and the others I made!! And I want to share my hard work!! But Covid is like no bitch!

And Covid wins. So I end up back in bed!

Luckily I have cute lounge wear, coloring books and pencils. As well as two cute boys and cats.


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