Fighting the modern malady , covid-19


Never in my life did I ever think we would be experiencing our version of what maybe the people of the middle gets went through with the Black Death. I mean not to the gruesome extent , the bubous, the vomiting blood, the body parts turning hard and black, the body shutting down after 16 hours, the pits of bodies and bodies being tossed into rivers for another town to worry about, homes being boarded up with people plagued alive inside. But we do have our own ways that it is similar in ways. 

I have been so careful, wearing masks, sanitizing, social distancing, vaccinations, boosters, the works. My family still caught covid-19. Now, Florida sucks when it comes to handling covid. Tests are running scarce, appointments are running out. Doctors are at their wits end. You have people yelling at pharmacy workers over this, and things out of the team’s control. I feel horrible for them. But in the end we all got sick. 

December 23,2021 I started to have signs of what I thought was allergies. A nausea that I figured was due to exercising. Then Christmas Eve, I felt worse. Everything felt worse. 

Then on Christmas Day I felt a bit better and was like “ok, it is allergies” Then, that night like a freight train I felt horrendous. And scheduled an appointment with Minute Clinic. Because my son’s test PCR came back positive for Covid. But getting tests for my husband and I was difficult. And weeks out!!! That is not enough time and false negatives are very common for Covid and Omnicron variant. The Nurse practitioner said she was certain it was Covid. my sense of taste was off, smell off and non existent, cough, sore throat, massive aches and pains, numbness in both arms, fizzy bubbly head, headche, loss of hearing due to fluid in ears, fever, fatigue, exhaustion, chest pain, lack of being able to catch my breath and loss of voice. 

All of which I still experience and not to the bad extent, still have, so I have to go to the doctor once again on Wednesday. This has been the worse experience. And if I didn’t have the vaccines and booster I am sure due to my health issues outside of covid I would have been dead. Not joking what so ever, this is the honest truth of it. I am happy my kids are ok, and my spouse too. Now, I am 14 days in and still trying to fight the good fight. 

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