House Winter Clean out and what brings Joy.

SO, lately I have once again been watching the show HOARDERS on Amazon Prime video. And when ever I watch a bunch of the episodes; I get that hair up my butt to clean every thing and toss things out. I end up throwing a lot in the trash but you know what it makes... Continue Reading →

My Black Friday

My black Friday. If you know me, you know how much I LOATHE and DESPISE BLACK FRIDAY. IT has never been a good experience on that day, as a person who worked retail and as a customer forced to shop on that day with her spouse and mother in law. I was pushed out of... Continue Reading →

Matched set by SHEIN

Ok, So as you can see this is about a matched set by Shein. YEP. Exciting right? Sure is boy howdy. Not really though. Anyways, there is something to be said though about matching sets. Think about it, as a kid it was easy to get dressed. As an adult it takes the guess word... Continue Reading →

Try try and try again.

So for those who don’t know I have finished real estate school. Finished and all that passed the exam course. But have taken that damned test three times and failed. I have tried everything or so I thought. So, things have had me thinking. I have been growing. Trying to better myself mentally and physically.... Continue Reading →

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