New dress , by Shein

I got a new dress a little bit ago. A new dress by Shein. Currently though you will be seeing me in jams because I am currently sick. My family is still sick too. Ultimately, I fear I will have to go get another Covid test. Al of us,save for my 3 yr old are vaccinated no boostered. My reliance on old photos taken a week before have been enough to keep blogging so far. Just my house looks a mess. No one cleans but me.. a fact I hate. Anyways, the dress.

I bought this dress and shoes and crown from a site called Shein. A company I know that you probably have heard of. It is a fast fashion site where you can buy clothing really really cheaply. Of which many are nock off of main designers. But if you go into Walmart or Target, there are examples of that too. Even H&M is not far from that.

Years ago, Shein was a way for starting out style bloggers to get amass a wide wardrobe for little cost. It was a way for us to get a ton of outfits set up for content for little money. The quality then was not as good as it is now. They(Shein) have stepped up their game recently,but now ad then thins are still off .

Shein now is all over social media. There are Shein haul, Shein try on, Shein wish lists and blah blah. But there is still the issue of fast fashion and the environment mixed in with the plethora of instagram reels and TikTok. I try to donate, but even I know that things I donate still end up in a landfill. In fact 84% still ends up in a landfill. Shocking isn’t it? Fast fashion just moves too fast, and reselling the shit is a damn nightmare. Cotton biodegradation is not as long as synthetics which take 500 or more years to breakdown. Yikes. Now this is not a post meant to make you feel like crap, but give some knowledge. You can still shop, but be sure to think a bit.


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