Wear this or that?What to do when some one makes you feel bad over fashion choices.

Have you had someone make a comment that is so passively aggressive towards what you are wearing? A simple gesture or comment that makes you just question every bit of style you have made for yourself.

Well that happened to me. Actually it happens a lot. And it is my spouse who makes it awkward. Whether it is my wig wearing, of which I got home to admit recently he is embarrassed by me. I have trichotillomania and thinning hair from meds. My wigs make me feel better. They make me not ruin my real hair more. And he dislikes the wigs. When I wear them and he makes a comment I feel my anxiety rise. And it’s his issue not mine really. But, I cave and take it off. The feel like shit.

Now flash to a holiday get together with my family. I checked the weather, it was going to be hot. My parents also did a fire pit. So hot. I decided to wear my cute Selkie mini, my pink wig, and maybe ankle boots. I felt cute. I felt “me”. Then he made that comment I dread. “Are you sure? You know where we are going right?we will be outside…”

The Selkie dress but with pink hair..

Was It was his being embarrassed again. It was control I feel. And like so many times before I caved and changed. And damn it all that was the wrong choice!

It was hot as Hades that day. I made the wrong choice! I never should have changed. I should have stayed in what I wanted. I don’t care what others think normally. But him saying that was the bit that made me question myself. And that is something I need to change.

Ugh.so people the moral is Don’t Freaking change!


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