Snowdrop dress. I made this!

I have been working on this dress for a while. It’s a hand sewn dress. I have been learning as I go. So there is no sewing pattern per se. which I can tell which patterns I mixed from. At the end.

The inspiration for this dress comes from the ballet for Giselle and swan lake. The design also from Tueta Matoshi. Of which I have 2 pieces from.

I love how this turned out. Even though I got made fun of when wearing it. Some boomers thought it would be good fun to make fun of me while I shot pictures of my dress. Granted there is a few things I can improve on. To make fun of someone like a bunch of playground bullies at their ages was just completely uncalled for and so juvenile. Also, no one at any age should do that! Jerks.

Anyways the pattern I used for the bodice is actually a pattern for stays by American duchess patter #8162 .


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