Why I don’t like turtle neck dresses or shirts

I did not realize this dress was a turtle neck when I bought it. I hate high necks or turtle necks. I don’t like the way they look on me.I feel as though they make my face look so wonky and chonky. Other people look great in them, me? I look like a walrus in a turtle neck. Not a good look for me. And for all of you that pull this look off with ease I am super super jealous.I am pretty sure we all have a style of dress or clothing item that we feel this way about. And even though we know we look awful in it personally, we still buy the garment hoping that this time is different.

And for all of my complaining, this dress and cardigan combo with the green embellished heels is pretty darn good for a holiday dress, I may look like a sausage but it’s a cute outfit for someone who is not me. Also we always look different to ourselves than what others perceive. Still, I don’t think I will be wearing the dress again until I fix the neckline. SNIP SNIP BOOM.This sheen dresss comes in many different colors and can even be bought right here on AMAZON!!


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