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Ok, deep breath…alright here we go. Today, I have received nothing but those damn ambassadors shit. you know the kind, hey girl we follow your Instagram (they don’t) and want to work you as an ambassador for a collaboration! I’m telling you the pitches are all the damn same! Three free, I am sorry “free” items . You are given a 50% to 100% off coupon. But the there is a catch or an angle.

The angle is shipping costs or paying shipping at all! In legitimate collaboration you never pay for shipping. Period! But these scammers want to charge $5 to 30 or even $50 in shipping costs! That is where they make up the cost of their “free items” they ain’t free honey.

No. What they are actually doing is a shitty and horrendous client or customer acquisition. That is right. You have been duped into being a customer not a sponsored content creator. Oh sure they promise to give you exposure. However, they don’t. Not unless you fit that very very small amount of generic obligatory influencer looks and body type and shooting style. Not very inclusive at all.

So, why do they do it? Because my little lamb chops, people fall for this shit all the damned time! They have bots that are hooked to certain hashtags and the onslaught of comments asking for dms or to check your dms will happen. I usually respond to them on comments to boost my gram posts. Every little bit helps. Report and block report and block. But does it help. No. If it did we would not see all these things.

So here is what you need to do. Still report and block those accounts. Understand they are not wanting a sponsored post. They want you as a customer, even if they say it is free product. Trust me, it is not in any way free. Because why class? Shipping costs they expect you to pay as the “influencer”. So don’t do it. A brand will call you by name and also probably email the contact email you listed in the profile. A true ambassador program you do not pay for shit hunny. At all. You get stuff from the brand, you post it, they get advertising, you get free crap that you don’t have to pay shipping on, and they give you a discount code like an affiliate. Think of it as an affiliate link with benefits. The benefit being free stuff and possible income. And yes some of these programs will say “we have links and codes for your followers.” But the program is shoddy and never works. You don’t get squat.

I have been blogging (without much collaboration from businesses, I don’t think I am liked very much) since 2009. And when I first got into blogging I fell for it with a jewelry company based out of Miami and New York. I want to say it was Mirena or something …?They charged me $35 for shipping. Yikes. Never again. They thing with Freya treasures wasn’t a issue as I already was going to by their necklaces . The ambassador program theyofffered was bullshit, but I wanted a ring and stuff.the ring I wear like every day almost. I wanted to see what the turnover was for their stuff and so for the sake of Science’ I did that one. And yeah it was just like all the others. Lookin at you Freya Treasures. So if you are new to influencer stuff I hope this helps you understand how things work.

My outfit

So, with my rent the runway order last time I decided to rent a plaid skirt with some the other stuff. And I really love this skirt! And that it was something that I can send back when done with wearing it and the skirt would not take up closet space . Which is a good thing. However the membership at $190 a month for 2 swaps seems a bit steep. You get 4 items at a time. You can pick clothing and bags or jewelry.And there is a wide selection including maternity if you need it. I mean there are pros and cons. SO, you just got to weigh them.

the tee is one picked up at Disney springs and the bag I ordered online from the Disney store.

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