A stitch at a time. Made some Stays my way.

First let me say, I know this pair of 18th century stays are not “historically accurate” I had a pattern of stays and modified them a bit to fit my more “modern needs” . That meant back support at certain spots with boning and did notmake it with tied up back. So, it is more on the cottage core fantasy realm.

I decided for my first pair of stays to do it by hand. Yes and next time it will be by machine! Except for decoration stitching it was time consuming for sure. But, for as time consuming as it was, it was fun to make and I feel great for making it! And so when done I made a quick stomacher and needed to shoot it!

Which was a project on its own.

So I chose unicorn fabric . There are many reasons why I chose it.it is sparkly. And unicorns. I have loved unicorns since I was a teeny tiny girl. And so why not? I was happy! The fabric is from Walmart and Joann fabrics.I got plastic boning from Joann fabrics as well to give stiffness and support.my next pair I am going to add that and some stiffer fabric to the inside to help with a little bit more stability. But I think for my first pair of stays not too shabby! I do know I can do better next time!

What do you think?

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