Got my booster shot. Pfizer

Got my booster shot for covid. Pfizer. And before any antivax bull crap is commented let it be known I believe in ScIENCE and I believe vaccines are for the greater good. If you disagree, fine but take that shit elsewhere. Not wanted around here.

Ok. Now that several people have clicked away because of that. It is time to talk about MY experience with the vaccine. And that is…

I feel like shit, yes I feel like I have a mild case of flu. Everything hurts and I am dying. My arm freaking hurts again and I just have no was like this for my last two shots and for the yearly flu shot. I always get sick . It is nothing new. Of course being a mom on top feeling like shit means I still have to do mostly everything while feeling I got hit by a slow moving train.

My kids have to around me and every five seconds needed something even thought their father was five feet from them. It was let’s get mom instead. I made lunches, I made dinner… I referred the boys. And I took care of dishes too. I wanted to sleep but couldn’t because of the family. Moms do not get a day off and dads too. When you have kids there is no such thing as a day off. Even for a shot.

For the day I thought this shirt would be great they could get to my arm and I would also be comfortable no problem! My outfit was complimented on quite a bit while I was out and about. Affordable,cute,and easy access to arm! Currently finishing this post while icky and putting a wiggley 3yr old to bed. That is dedicated my friends.


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