House Winter Clean out and what brings Joy.

House winter clean out and what brings joy

SO, lately I have once again been watching the show HOARDERS on Amazon Prime video. And when ever I watch a bunch of the episodes; I get that hair up my butt to clean every thing and toss things out. I end up throwing a lot in the trash but you know what it makes me feel better and I know it keeps the house tidy. I have this philosophy, if you haven’t touched it in a year(minus holiday crap) then get rid of it. If it takes longer than 3 minutes to decide on it, toss. You can toss, donate, or sell. There are plenty of places online to resell your goods and plenty of people who may want it.

house winter clearing. bringing in joy

I am keeping things that bring me joy and happiness. I am keeping my Selkies and things like that. And then things that don’t go in the trash or things like that.

And clearing out can also save money too, think your email. Unsubcribe from retailers and such if you know you need to save money. Or in some cases space. Think of a goal there. So unsub and delete. If that ventures to social media then you may have to do the same too.



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