My Black Friday

My black Friday. If you know me, you know how much I LOATHE and DESPISE BLACK FRIDAY. IT has never been a good experience on that day, as a person who worked retail and as a customer forced to shop on that day with her spouse and mother in law. I was pushed out of the car so my husband could grab a front row parking spot. This was after my mother in law and I stated we were fine walking. This was at a Best Buy and all we ended up with was a stupid printer.

Other bits are the people, yes. The frenzied shoppers. I was hit with a cart to get out of some old KAren’s way. People yelling at each other. Honking at us to get out of a parking spot when we just pulled into it. People fighting literally fighting over toys and carts and BS. Just wow. Really showing the holiday spirit there. Way to go.

And there is the frenzied buying. The impulse buying. The deals you think you need for gifts. I am already done shopping have been for a while.

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