Frankenstein or Frankeminnie?

Ok so I know full well that Halloween is way over. Ok, I know. But, I had to wear this shirt! I found it in the laundry. Which means a few things, I need to really catch up and two I need to do a closet purge. And a purge of crap anyways.

If you have figured out that I have watched hoarders; you are absolutely right! And I feel I need to clean up every thing in the house. My crap and the kids crap!

It needs to be done in general. So why not since my boy is on holiday break for thanksgiving. Time to go through it all. Toss and donate what we don’t need. Yep. It will be good to let go.

I guess I am still in that Halloween state of mind! Ps the wig is by lit unicorns buy it here use code glamorouslysteph5 for $5 off!

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