Living with Bipolar disorder medication challenges

Living with Bipolar disorder and for so long without meds was a challenge that I didn’t even know I was having. And then when I got the diagnosis(again I guess)I was finally put on a bit of a medication regiment. The regiment was antipsychotics and anxiety medications as well as psychotherapy

The one thing that I have to weigh out is the side effects.A lot of antipsychotic medication can make you gain weight. And as someone who has obsessed over that her whole life and then some it is a huge factor. However, I need to think “do I want to feel better?” OR do I want to be unhealthy mentally and all that. Do I like sleep or do I like being an insomniac? I had to think a little. And then discussed things with my doctors. I am not saying this journey is going to be an easy one.

AS I had stated above I have gone so long and I mean life long with no diagnosis until my initial possible diagnosis in 2007. Then after hearing the words the regular doctor said “bipolar or manic depressive” And “hospitalize” I panicked and left saying I couldn’t take off work then. I continued on struggling with my mental health once again. OR rather still, lets be honest I have never NOT struggled with it.

Always A struggle. Always a trouble. It has taken me about 2 years to get all the stuff I needed done. The diagnosis of many. Many doctors and specialists. But Here we are.

My name is Stephanie and I have ADHD, Autism, and am Bipolar. Yes you can be all the above. And I have severe anxiety and such. And I am medicated. There is no shame in that. And I say to parents, there is no shame in medication for your child if they truly need it. AS in you have tried all the possible avenues and that is the last step. OR maybe you just jump to the chase because you know that will be the thing to do anyway.

This is a judgement free zone. Except for people who put raisins in EVERYTHING. I am judging you people. Who the hell puts that in potato salad? YUCK.

Anyways, this is my life. I have good days and I have bad days just like anyone else.

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