Living with Adhd life by the paper planner.

Living with Adhd life by the paper planner.
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living with add


Living with ADHD life is by the paper planner for me. My mind goes everywhere. Like I could be thinking about doing laundry, be doing the laundry and then all of a sudden I think about chocolates and next thing you know I am in the living room sweeping the floor while going to the kitchen to do dishes and then forgetting the other crap I was doing. That is the way it is.

I have to have a planner, a paper planner to keep my sporadic self on task. IT is something I have to have. I need it in order to live my life to the functionality that is somewhat is. I mean for my kids, I have to hyper focus on them. So, I write the things down and the schedule for the day. From the oldest’s school schedule for homeschool to the boy’s appointments in the day and somehow mine. I have to plan and plan everything out. I even have to make days for cleaning and I schedule what I do those days too. I am not even joking. Without this I can not feel a sense of peace.

And that sense of peace is worth having, even if it is just a sliver.

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