Try try and try again.

So for those who don’t know I have finished real estate school. Finished and all that passed the exam course. But have taken that damned test three times and failed. I have tried everything or so I thought. So, things have had me thinking. I have been growing. Trying to better myself mentally and physically.

Trying to do more for myself and my kids. Many reasons for this. Reasons I can not get into for the time being. But also, I wanted to really also dive in deep with my blog and make it more successful. Now as far as the Real estate goes I am going to get some e books and read them. I am going to watch YouTube videos. I am going to go all out with this and be the successful bitch I know I can be. I have to.

I want my boys to see to never give up.

I needed to have the dishwasher fixed. And rather than wait 500 years for my spouse to get to it. I went ahead and did it myself. Yes. I went to the store, bought the pipes, and then read and watched YouTube . I had to them go back to buy an attachment to finish the job. Child in tow and 100 later, we bought Mickey Christmas stuff there we were with our haul. I finished the job and fixed the dish washer. By myself . And that showed me that I do not need to wait for someone. I do not need permission to do or fix. I can and will do it. And I didn’t give up!

The pride I felt was wonderful!

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