Baby it’s cold outside

You guys it was finally cold! It was finally under 50 degrees! I know a way weird thing to be excited about! But I am not one of those summer adoring moms/babes. Nope I am a winter creature. Give me cold or give me not death but you would think I was dying.With how I complain and all.

When those temps start dropping I get excited for so many reasons. I can go outside without sudden death. Two my kids can go outside without sudden death and mosquitoes.Three my freaking hair will stay straight and or curly if curled and not poof up! And also there is being able to wear my sweaters and sweater dresses! This one is super soft and snuggly.

The sweaters must be cotton. I can not wear wool as I am Severely allergic. And scratchy sweaters? Forget it bub. Can not do it! Nothing worse than itchy shit like that .

I was also able to bring out the boots without dying of heat exhaustion and sweatiness. These boots are, just like the dress, from shein. I love shopping their shoes, because I am hard on shoes. I guess I am a freaking Clydesdale or something clip clopping around.

Ok then there is the bag which is one of the new Disney and Loungefly bags! For winter! So cute! I have the other one too which is a red just tops off the whole look!

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