How to avoid parental burn out.

Hi there, and if you are reading this then you are well aware of this being more than just a pretty dress in front of a Christmas tree. It certainly is part of it, but as the title suggests it is about parental burn out. Well how to avoid parental burnout.

I am a mom, a mom of two very bouncy energetic boys. Boys who just so happen to have autism. And some other things health related. And I, myself, along with adhd, bipolar disorder and depression and anxiety and on and on and on. Health stuff. So when shit hits the fan I hit the fan with it and have to quickly find my footing and get back to it. Married yes, and still even with his help of his being a their parent too. I am the one who does the majority of child wrangling. I get burnt out. As anyone would. Day in and day out of never a break and never a moment’s peace. I needed out. And after the three year old destroying a lot of makeup I said “K, I need a day. I am having a day off.”

And I did.

I got into the car, turned on some tunes(yes, Christmas 🎄 sorry) and enjoyed the beautiful cool day and drive to where ever. And that was Disney Springs. Yep. Ahhhh. Was good. I got a good parking spot and that I wouldn’t get blocked in! And I was alone, by myself. No one to wait for. No one to have to deal with and stress over. No one to tell me where to go. It felt good. No kids crying over not getting a toy and not behaving. Although the mass amounts of people I almost had a panic attack.

I frantically looked for headphone and left them in the car!

I know what you are thinking. But why be all alone? Well, because believe it or not you need it. You need to be by yourself sometimes. Take those instagram pictures on your own in a place like this and shop or frantically shop then head to exit because too many people. Way too many. But it is good to be alone with yourself sometimes. It is good to be out of the house and away from the munchkins for a bit, and this goes for either parent. It is ok!

Don’t be afraid to step out, you got this and trust me.the refreshed mindset will do you good, not just for you but the kids too. Trust that.

So the next time you feel like you understand why some animals eat their young, let the other parent know hey I am going to go or a bit of an outting. You are up!single parent? Baby sitter or grandparent or family member if you can.

The outfit.

The dress, I bought this dress from Selkie. Let me tell you after I saw the runway shows I knew I needed it ! Yes they are expensive dresses but with Klarna(not sponsored I actually am a customer)you can split payments up every two weeks. Four payments every two weeks. No apr, it just comes out of the bank. Think of it like a layaway system that loss you to get the item ahead of time.

This dress is supposed to be similar or inspired by the Robe A la Francaise worn by Marie Antoinette and other women at the time.I wrote a post about the history which you can read here .

This beautiful maxi dress got all sorts of princess attention while at Disney Springs! It was fun and weird to get so much nice attention. Many asked(they really did) where the dress was from? I told the brand and the like. The size I have on is a size large. And I do that because I do wear a corset.although this dress kind of feel like it runs big. Or I have lost weight, but that I don’t think so.

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