Living with trichotillomania, it’s ok to have bad days.

Living with mental health illnesses can be daunting. It can be draining. And some days are harder than others. Let me tell you it is ok. It is ok to have bad days in your journey to healthier you.

I have Trichotillomania on top of other crap, and was having some really great days. And then yesterday was a bad day. My stress levels thanks to kids and no days off or breaks from children was causing me to loose my ever living mind. I love my boys but I need a day off just like anyone needs a day off from their job. Parental burn out is real. So my hands went up into my hair and broke and pulled my hair out. It sucks and it is no fun. My hair is something I have always had a love hate relationship with as well as my own body. But, the pulling and breaking makes it even worse.

So today I am wearing a wig to help me keep myself under control. I stopped wearing my wigs because my spouse made a comment about how he didn’t like the wigs because it made it seem like I was trying to be someone I was wasn’t or be someone else. And that is not it. It is because I am trying to keep myself from damaging myself. It made such an impact on me, that comment, that my wigs have mostly sat in their boxes now untouched because I am afraid to wear them. All because of someone else’s attitude. And perhaps control? Some people wear gloves, some people wigs. It is up to the individual on how they treat their trich, and I chose wigs. I just wish he was more supportive.

Anyways, give yourself some grace and support . And remember you matter!


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