2021 Regency wear. Brock collection.

Before you ask, no I have not watched Bridgerton. Believe me I tried to watch it. And nope I just couldn’t get into it. Nope not for me. And the outfits are amazing from the instagram mentions but not so accurate in areas. But then, neither is this dress by Brock collection. No not this Brock

But a different Brock.

Anyways , I saw this dress with its floral print in my Rent the Runway app and thought why not?! I’ll try it out! I love the dress and am wearing a size 10. But if you have boobs may want to size up. Because it is a factor. I did not wear a corset either .

Now Regency style started to come into fashion around 1795 and lasted to about 1820ish. Fashions were inspired by Ancient Greece and their gowns. Not many big doorway hogging dresses. Things seemed to slim down for a more natural look. In America the styles emulated French fashions but toned down. Also the French Revolution may have contributed to the style change as no one wanted to look or resemble the old aristocracy. So out with the powdered wigs and baroque style and big skirts. And in with self expression,softer styles, and low necklines.

Let me find my keys

Now for fashion , Regency is not my particular favorite for women. (Sorry 😖) I always feel a disconnect to it. I guess because it is not as “extra” as some other eras. And we all know I am a bit “extra” . And again I know this dress is not a Historic reproduction but it does I think follow some of the softness of the era. The Shoes and bag obviously is more modern but you get the idea. The messier hair as women didn’t always have the big wigs and curls. It was more messy buns and whispie bits near the face. Big feathers though and pieces added to the hair. Or a scarf tied around the hair. I did laurels.

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