The most fabulous dress I own!

Time to go and shorten your robe a La Francaise , because after you wear this dress by Selkie you may want to. I mean that is if you have them. THey are beautiful gowns. And one of Selkie’s collections was inspired but a Queen who owned many of these fabulous gowns.Marie Antoinette.

The robe a La Francaise first became a popular fashion in the 18th century and if you are like me and need actual years that puts it about 1715 and lasted in popularity until 1775. Although I have seen other accounts of it becoming of fashion 1716 to 1780. I think tracking down the exact years is a little difficult due to age and what not.Still, that fashion style was a long lasting one. And then as it got closer to the 1780’s it became a more formal dress and then I believe the Regency garments became into fashion. This is about or around 1795 or later. *sources at very bottom of post*

The other major gown worn at the time was the robe L’anglaise. Which dates around the same time. Both dress styles would be worn throughout the 18th century. And Marie Antoinette would wear both.

SomeExamples of both.

Robe a La Francaise 1750-1775 via met
Robe a L’Anglaise 1785-1787 via the MET

Aren’t these dresses so beautiful and how amazing to take inspiration from them as the creator of Selkie did. Well, that and Marie Antoinette who was a fashion Icon of her day and really today she is still.

The dress I have on in today’s post is now honestly my fave of the Selkie dresses I own. So much fun to wear and despite it being a little heavy it is super comfortable. And while it draws inspiration from the Robe a La Francaise it definitely feels a bit Lolita to me. Lolita is Japanese street style.

It could be all the bows and ruffles. Lol. The dress is cute. And I am wearing a Corset under it. Even though it looked ok with just a bra too. I am not bold enough to not wear these things with this dress. I may need to make a stomacher. A stomacher was something women would wear with a Robe A La Francaise pinning it to their corsetry to hide it. The robe would also be then fastened to the stomacher and corset with ties and pins. But becareful. You could poke yourself. The Robe was a separate piece from the rest of the garments and the skirt was usually a different color or something like that to make it stand out. And bows. LOTS AND LOTS OF BOWS. Fashion history is absolutely so interesting.

This beautiful dress is available from Selkie.


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