Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween my friends and readers! And I don’t have a spooky Sunday post but I do want to say something .

Firstly, my kids had a great time trick or treating! And they actually went door to door! It was great!!! And they are right now passed out from Halloween happiness. And no cursed candy, mmmhmmm. But oh so much fun!

So let’s talk witches. Yep. Sure witches have a long …long history. A long history of persecution and a long history of misconceptions. Firstly, we are not child eaters. We do not suck the souls of children to stay young. There is no book we sign after dancing nude in the moonlight with the devil. And yeah I guess some people still believe that Puritan and witch hunter bullshit. I mean I can’t speak for all witches but mostly we just don’t do that kind of crap. And we do NOT curse candy to harm children. Kids are off limits. Kids are a no no. And many witches who Identify as Wiccan do not use curses anyways because of a rule of with harm to none.

Witchcraft is a multifaceted practice. Not so much a religion. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft itself is not. It is a type of spiritual practice and some witches even still identify as Christian. And I knew some people think that witches are all going to hell and all that crap but No. I do not need you to pray for my soul. I do not want to go to your church and no I do not think it is ok For anyone to force their religion on anyone.

Many witches do not talk about their craft because of the backlash. The lack of understanding and ignorance. And if we want to touch on who does what but of “evil” more we can talk about how much damage people have done world wide in the name of “Christianity” it isn’t hard to understand why people want to be like Elsa and let it go.

Why do I practice? Because I never really felt I belonged when with the Church. I always swayed to the Ancient Gods I was learning about . And it wasn’t until Highschool I learned about witchcraft being real. I thought it was all just hearsay and stories. But really. I only speak for myself here and will say this do not talk about something you know absolutely nothing about or base off of what you think you know without asking about it. This goes for so many religions.

Thank you for coming to my broom closet Ted talk.


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