New meds, new diagnosis,and now dealing with it all.

Ok, So, I finally went to a face to face appointment with a psychiatrist. I was using Cerebral which was fine. The service is great if you have access to privacy and quiet. I do not have either thing. So, I needed a face to face appointment. And I am so happy I went. So many things make sense and it is a start to a better healthier me.

I told myself on the way in I wasn’t going to cry, but I did. It is hard not to cry at a psychiatrist appointment some times. And I did. Boy I did. Lots of things brought to the surface and have to be dealt with. I talked about a lot. And we determined my diagnosis or the newest one. I have Bipolar Disorder. I am not ashamed of it. I am not embarrassed by it. It is a disability. Just like my Autism and ADHD. Just like my kid’s disabilities of autism and sensory processing disorder. None of which we should be ashamed of. Although I get why.

From what I have learned about asylums due to watching Buzzfeed unsolved and such I have learned that I get why so many people from eras before were so reluctant to admit their kids were different. Or deal with getting any psychiatric help was frowned upon. Watching I Claudius , I really felt for him and his disabilities. Even though the whole freaking family had their problems. Anyways, people are afraid of labels and afraid of getting shunned and shut out. But, how can we as a society move forward if we don’t accept things like this. Mental illness is something that has been around forever and it isn’t going away. Mental illness is not new and people are not just “faking it to get attention.” It is just easier to diagnose illness now than it used to be. Which is why so many women in their late 20’s and 30’s are getting their autism diagnosis and their adhd diagnosis. Because the knowledge is getting better. The understanding. Mental health is health and should be treated as such.

AS medical science advances so does our understanding of how things work in the brain. How things misfire and be able to treat it. Bipolar disorder was what used to be called manic depression. There are 3 main types. Bipolar I which is most common and sometimes requires hospitalization. Bipolar II less severe than I, and Cyclothymic Disorder (also called Cyclothymia) some say there is a fourth kind that is more unspecified .

This condition can cause unusual shifts in mood, energy levels, activity and carrying out day-to-day tasks, and concentrating. Bipolar disorder is often diagnosed in later teen years. Sometimes biopolar disorder can even show in childhood and in pregnant women or right after birth,

People with bipolar disorders can have psychotic episodes. Many also can have other disabilities with having bipolar disorder. Like adhd and eating disorders. I have an eating disorder and adhd. Medication and talk therapy are most used forms of treatment. It may take a while to find the right mix. The first step is recognizing the symptoms and then getting help. There is no cure. But you can manage this disability and health problem by managing it with the help of your doctors , medication, and such. Step one is getting the help. More people with bpd get help during the down cycle of their illness than during the mania episodes. You are not alone. You matter.


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My outfit l, yeah I posted my outfit. But hear me out. I loved actually how I looked in this outfit. Matching loungewear and some ass kickers boots. I fell in love with these guess shoes at the guess store and didn’t buy them. So I went to DSW and did! Along with my pride Adidas. Because everyday should be pride day . Am I right? showing support for my lgbtq brothers and sisters shouldn’t just be for one month.

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