Why parent and kid day out is important

When you have an only child, chances are you give them a ton of attention and one on one. Whether you are a working parent or not. You have been able to give that child one on one. But what happens when you have more than one child? It may seem that one child may get more attention than the other. And this can be especially true when one has medical needs.

That is why I am a firm believer that each child definitely needs some one on one time with a parent each. It lets them know that they are important and loved. It is good. You can make them know just how special they are. And honestly I am sure many of you that are parents know this all already. This is nothing new, but I finally implemented it. Not that I haven’t before, just not a whole day. With Covid a whole day out kind of day got put on the back burner. My son has a weaker immune system, so we avoided a lot of shopping out and about. We still do for the most part. I take my oldest with my to stores and such and leave the littlest at home. But this time was different. Let me explain.


First, let me say, I love both my kids equally. DO not have favorites. Both my kids are always together. I homeschool and they both have occupational therapy together. They do a lot together. And for a long time my oldest didn’t really show he wanted or needed a lot of one on one with me. Then all of a sudden He was becoming very clingy and didn’t want me to leave him at all, like me being even able go to the bathroom. I figured something was up. He was suffering from a ear infection but also I realized that he needed some alone time with his mommy. SO, I took him to his fave place to walk around. Disney Springs in Orlando,FL.

We got there early and realized that there were lines surrounding the buildings. 50th anniversary for Disney. The place was packed. There was a 2 hr or so wait for some places food wise. 30 to 45 minutes for others. But that still was a bit long for a child who is hungry right there. Anyways, we went to look for my son a new pair of Mickey ears. Which he found a blue pair and I got my Minnie ears. We walked and walked. I talked and asked him a lot of questions. He answered as best as he could with limited speaking. It was more reading his body language and face. My son and I communicate a lot with out speaking a word. His little brother and him have their own language. We went into more stores and then got our Sprinkles cupcakes. It was just such a good time. Minus the heat and waiting for food. Ok, and the way people park in garages. WHAT the heck is up with people parking in a way that blocks another’s back bumper. RAGE! We got out and went for lunch locally and strolled around Hobby Lobby to end the day. We got home and my son went and crashed on his bed. Asked if he had a good day and he said clear as a bell YES! And I got a massive hug. It made me so happy and most important made my little boy happy. We wore our ears all day and had fun.

It is important for the kids. And the littlest got to spend one on one time with daddy. Over all we all had a great day. And us parents? We both passed out by nine pm! Um it was exhausting and hot out. Lots of walking. And I will say next time I will wear a different skirt. Or maybe finally alter this one from Selkie .My son kept stepping on it, which made for a lot of tripping on my part. Lesson learned.

What do you and your littles do?


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