Renting the Runway again.

Soooo, it has happened.I restarted my rent the runway. And yup I know. I know. I said I wouldn’t. But darn it all, I did it. I signed back up! Why? I am a shopper and having this subscription will keep me entertained and in check. Rental will also allow me to get new stuff while revisiting my closet. Which I do love to do. And honestly am a bit ashamed with my dorky self for not doing more on the blog. Just because it is older for me doesn’t mean you have seen the outfit before. Especially if you have just discovered this new blog!

This dress is one I eyeballed a lot when I last had this service and never got it! But I did this time! I love it! The dress is by Shoshanna and I am wearing a size 10. It’s cute and fits so well! Ok and comfy.

Now as far as the service, I have the 2 exchanges a month with 4 items rented at a time. A big leap from an unlimited plan that was at one time available. Still with shipping and such I only really did two exchanges a month anyways. So it isn’t much of a change. I guess if you lived near a store it would be, but for me? Nah it is good.


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