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Hello friends! Welcome back to another Spooky Season Sunday! How are you doing today? Having a great weekend? Have you been watching spooky things and doing some great October fun things? I just watched the Blair Witch, not the one from like 2000’s but the 2016 one. And um..yeah. It was…dumb. Yeah it was, I honestly fast forwarded it and still knew what the heck was happening. It didn’t scare me like watching the Blair With Project did when I first saw it as a teen. IT really did. So, last week we talked about Dracula. YEah, well Vlad the Impaler. A man who may have inspired the story a little. Which you can read that post here. But today, today we are talking about the Legend of the Lady in White! Have you heard any of these legends?

The lady in white has become a synonymous symbol of a lady who died while either in a wedding dress or wearing a white dress. Haunting and beckoning those to come to her to meet their doom. Or something like that. She will be a specter that may be looking for help only to disappear when you look back.

Her legend has roots world wide. It seems everywhere has their version of the lady in white haunting. Or stories they have experienced. There are so many sightings of different ladies in white. The base of the stories are the same. The stories based around tragedy, by suicide or being killed and so on.The white dress is the same except the style. The lady in white even seems to be in medieval times, a lady in white would appear in the home of someone who was about to die.

Well this is the story behind the alleged lady in white apparition that appears in St Augustine . Bess was said to be a white witch and died very young at age 23.some say that she bewitched a rich man to marry her and she used magic. Others say she was a good Christian woman and loved her family. You will find her tombstone as it is one of the more elaborate and bigger graves. In Rochester, NY at the Durand-Eastman park a woman in white is said to haunt this place. Another 19th century death. This apparition is also called “lady of the lake” she is haunting the park looking for her daughter. According to the stories she was slain by a boyfriend and the lady in white apparently died from suicide, or from a broken heart.

This last story is one from Virginia and it is a juicy story. Full of betrayal and such.

Let’s talk about Chatham Manor and the mysterious Lady in White.

Chatham Manor was a 1280 acre plantation built by William Fitzugh named after his good friend Earl of Chatham in 1771. Yes, way back ok. A building that had 10 rooms, a dairy, a barn,stables, and yes ice house. This plantation even had its own racetrack!

This manor was visited by many over the years including by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We know that George visited as it was in his own writings. Anyways, this one particular visit is for the record books. There was a young lady from England who came from a very wealthy family. And she came to visit the manor, not by her own request but because her father made her. Why? She was in love with someone of a different social class. Which was frowned upon. Honestly, I wonder if any of that has changed much. Anyways, she was sent to the manor because she was in love with this man who was a dry salter. No clue what that is and so I had to google that among this. Ok basically people that sold chemicals like glue and such. So, her father didn’t like this so to keep her away from this poor man he did the only logical thing he could do. What was that? Send her butt to America of course!

So,she came unwillingly to the Chatham Manor. But, did that stop the two from seeing each other? Nope not at all. The man followed her all the way from England to America. And here they planned to elope. But unfortunately for the lovers it wouldn’t happen. As a servant over heard their plans and reported it to someone. Who was that someone? George freaking Washington! Yes! The servant handed him a letter that stated she was wanting to meet up with her love in her room after dark where they would then escape.

Dark comes and that girl goes to her room. She lights a candle and boom who is sitting there but none other than George Washington! He was not about to let this girl throw away her life to marry some poor dude. And such she was sent packing back to England where she was forced to marry someone else and pop out ten kids. Yeah. Upon her death bed in 1790 she said she was going to go back to only place that made her happy and once a year on the anniversary of her death. Chatham Manor. People say they see her walking the paths in a white colonial era dress emits a white glow.

As for lover boy, no one knows what happened to him. But I know we can all speculate what happened.

The lady in white has so many stories and legends. They make for good stories and especially around campire settings. whether true or not will remained to be unsolved and a mystery.


Dress from rent the runway(was massive on me!) photo editing with Picsart and Lightroom.

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