Happy Halloween month. And finally got the dragon!

Happy Halloween month. And finally got the dragon!
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Ok, SO. I hope by the time I post this that I will have gotten some sort of sleep. Because holy Hera, Monday was a trip. A trip I tell ya! A trip. And not the fun kind. It was a what the hell is this kind. Not fun. Not at all. Had my kids fighting and screaming. MY kids do not believe in sleep at all. One has a bad ear infection in both ears and sinus infection. He turned out to be allergic to the first antibiotic. SO, fun. The other kid was opposed to sleep.Got to love being a parent.

And on another note. I got something! I finally got my skeleton dragon!!! YES! It took a bit of me looking around and searching but I found it! I love it! And it lights up and stuff! Which I didn’t even know, I just wanted the figure!

For the record, I am hot in this outfit! it was so hot outside!

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